Phillip Island

Lucky enough to have beautiful weather here today. Walked about 6 km which is not much unless you take into consideration that most of that was on beaches or up and down stairs to get to and from said beaches.

Not doing the penguin parade, it’s past my bedtime. Saw some never the less. Pretty much circumnavigated the island today visiting all to must do points of interest unlike yesterday where to much time was spent at the winery. Happily so though.

Silly goose wanted a race
There is a penguin hiding in there, must be nesting

Pyramid rock

2018 November

Thought I had broken the blog years ago but it is still working, so here goes.

Presently in Gippsland Victoria @ Cape Paterson, bit wild and windy but any day on the beach is a good day. Wont be going in the ocean pool any time soon, it’s a bit cold.

Tomorrow will be off to Phillip Island.

This part of Victoria is almost as good as The Great Ocean Road in the other side of Melbourne, without all the tourists. No problem getting into car parks and the views are just stunning.

Of course getting closer to the city free camps are increasingly difficulty to find but a CV park this close to the water for a reasonable rate is ok

Darwin to WA 

First stop Edith Falls, north of Katherine, spent two nights here as it was really hard to leave.  The best swimming spot, waterfall and bush walks. 

   Continued on to Katherine, had my tyre looked at, and I mean looked at.  They did not fix it, have a slow leak so keep having to find truck stops to top it up with air 70 psi, normal servos don’t go that high.   What a pain

Crossing the border into WA you have to eat or forfeit all fruit, veg and honey.  Next stop was Lake Argyle ( still very pretty) with no fresh food, stayed one night and on to Kunanurra to restock and refuel. 

Attempted to go to el Questro and after 27km of the most horrid road and 3km from our destination was confronted by a equally horrid creek crossing.  Water 40cm deep and large boulders, gave up and did the corrigations again…. 

 On the way into Wyndham took a turn of to “The Grotto” turned out a nice place to stay with great views and breezes, would be awesome when the water is running.   

    I’m just a bit late this time round as the last wet season was not very good.  There’s always next time😄. Wyndham was a disappointment could not fish from the pontoon as a 4.5 mt Croc had taken up residence there, only needed to be warned by one local as the pontoon is only about 20cm above sea level.  Went for a walk along the whalf instead, town is like a ghost town everything shutdown.  Sad really.  

Leaving Darwin…..finally 

Time to leave Darwin after many delays.  

All of them medical, after getting a nasty infection in my port.  It decided to pack it in after 13 years.  Average life is 8 years so can’t complain to much.

The Doctors etc at Darwin were excellent and had the port replaced about 10 days ago.  Obviously needed to stay until all is on the mend before heading off into the wild yonder.

Delays resulted in a few things happening first was a lovely lunch at the Casino with Karen and a couple of her besties.  Great friends, food, views and a pokie win made it a memorable day. 

 I also had the new storage box installed, wired up etc.  Thanks Ray.   The amount of extra room this created is amazing.  Mind you it has all disappeared now.   It will make life a lot easier having everything needed of the outside in one place.  Rather than scattered from one end of the Motorhome to the other.  Also fitted in an extra gas bottle.  

 With the extra room, I decided I could not really live with out a sewing machine, so picked up a light weight basic model from Spotlight,  already having fun with it.  Do miss all the bells and whistles of my Pfaff and Bernina but those machines were just to big and heavy to bring along.  😃. Quilting continues. 

Next I was given the opportunity to help out Karen and Greg by caretaking A few thousand mango trees for a week.  Just checking sprinklers etc.  Would like to say it was fun on the quad, however my butt is not made for bumping around.  Then the neighbour decided to spray pesticide, I’m sure I inhaled half of it. 😖 Glad I was able to help and I have finally figured out bike gears.  Oh and not to press the red button it kills the Quad.   

This was taken near sunset, with smoke haze that hung around for days.

Off to the airport this afternoon to pick up a friend ( Bruce Hatten) who is doing the Darwin to Broome run with me.  Leaving tomorrow and getting to Broome before September 12th.  Looking forward to fishing and resuming bush walks.  

 Keeping and eye out for the local beasties, of course.  

Back in Darwin

Bali and Darwin

Bali was great did some interesting things like a Thai cooking class, lots of fun and learnt how to make the pastes that come in jars😊 lots of work but the taste is amazing. 

Eating the results  was definatly a highlight.

 This is me making deep fried Tofu balls.  Now like Tofu😆 closely supervised.   

  So other than shopping I also did a lovely Sunset dinner cruise.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to share the experience with someone.

Amazing show put on as well. 

Wednesday saw me visiting the emergency department of Darwin hospital with an infection in my port.  Not a recommended way to get a larger chest.

Go back tomorrow for results of blood work.  Hopefully it is all good and I can still access for my IV, and continue my trip.  Otherwise I may need to get the port replaced.   Will see how it goes.  Pretty hot here in Darwin, and can’t wait to be camping on the  west coast beaches . 

Quilters Paradise

Thankyou Fiona, 

Today visited a quilters dream shop, for those not interested in quilting quit now. 😏

Beautiful Bali fabrics in so many colours it was truly confusing. 

But not one to let the side down I did my best.   

 Keeping in mind a very loose budget and airline weight restrictions, ( good thing I only traveled over with 12 kilo)  I managed to purchase another 8 kilo. 

 this is it all laid out on the bed.😃 Very happy, Yes Veronica some of this is yours.  One thing is for sure I am not likely to run out of options any time soon.  Have a couple of projects planed. There is 5 meters in each fat quarter pack, two different widths of jelly rolls and assorted pieces for projects.  Incredibly cheap.  

Travel time about three hours, traffic a nightmare, also visited local market, both cloths and food, then needed a rest.  So worth the effort. 


Day one

Liking this place already, Accommodation a bit basic but in lovely local type set up.  Not sure what to call it….😃. The bed is wider than my motorhome.

Got conned  into a holiday presentation that resulted in free transport, free tee shirts I will never wear and 7 nights free accommodation in a lovely place.  Will be back next year to claim. 

Also pushed my luck on the back of two scooters, no helmet, no brains but fun all the same. 

Just wandering around at present, will follow up with a massage later, early night I think.  Arrived at 4 am, interesting to see the night life at this hour, will be the first and last time.  To say there were some strange people would be an understatement.

This is the gardens, room not worth a photo, but it is comfortable and has a balcony so not all bad. 

  There is a lovely pool which may need investigating later.

Have arranged a driver to show me the sights for a day, that will be good, he even mentioned having a look at the volcano, will see about that it is a fair distance I think. 

Already enjoying the food.  Yum 

Darwin still

Getting too comfortable here, have a garden to play in and a full kitchen.  Time to move I think.   So, have booked a trip to Bali, leave on the 18th.

At this stage going solo, however the accommodation is paid for so if any one has a current passport the airfare and some spending money, looking for a partner in crime😃

Finally have the box on the back of the motorhome, just need a few more bolts and I can pack up all the outside stuff, freeing up some room inside.  Looks great don’t you think?   


There is even room for ex husbands, just joking.  Ray did the bracket and instillation  


Excited about the Bali trip, even though I vowed I would never return, could not resist cheep airfares.  Will spend most of my time around the pool on the beach and getting massages, how hard can that be.  Oh and I won’t have to cook.  Cooking for one is really boring, good thing I like to eat of I would not bother. 

Will leave for the west coast as soon as I get back.  Yes retirement is still hard work.   Not….loving it. 

If any of my Quilty friends know of must visit fabric shops let me know, thanks.  I have more room now.  


have been in Darwin for a few days.  Things have settled down with the V8 mob departed.

Mindal markets tonight were great, the sunset never fails to disappoint. Not to mention the great food. 

 Ordered a custom made box for the back of the motorhome today, why custom, well there is a 60 percent rule on the rear overhang, the very reason I could not put my scooter on the back.  Well of course boxes of the shelf don’t come in the right size either.  Up side is an Aussie made one is much better quality, (3mm checker plate for the technically inclined versus 1.5 on the Chinese imports).  I will be able to store my table, chairs, hoses, spare gas bottles ramps etc etc, freeing up other valuable space like the spare bed!         All in all pretty wrapt, it should be ready next week.  Challenge now will be not to collect more stuff, 😏.

Ray will make the bracket for it all to sit on.

Oh and I have finally named, her Gypsy Torino, must be said with an Italian accent.  Why, well the last one was Gypsy Merc ( forMercedes)  this one is a Fiat the t in Fiat refers to the town where they are made Torino.   I love it.  I forget what the rest stood for but am having tea with Brian tomorrow night and will ask again, now before you all start worrying that I might be dating again, NO Brian is an old Queen friend ( his discription) I have known for years.    Other than that things have been pretty quiet, just waiting on the box and medication.  This weekend is a big fishing and camping show, so will attend that and go to Litchfield park on  Sunday for a few days.  Just having a nice time catching up with Karen, Greg, Ray and the boys.  Won’t be long before the feet get itchy again to be on the move, am missing my daily bush walks.

Just to finish off, this has to be the biggest Paella I’ve ever seen, tasted good too.